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LAMCAR® Security Tower

Every now and then a progressive thinking company develops a unique design which improves the quality and versatility of a new and improved product. It is our pleasure to present to you the new and innovative LAMCAR® Security Tower system.

Safety barriers are used everyday in the petro chemical, power and paper industry as well as manufacturing, shipping and crowd control. By working closely with engineers, safety and maintenance personnel Safety Barricades of America, Inc. has taken safety barriers to the next level. The LAMCAR® Security Tower system is designed to improve the quality of jobsite safety and increase productivity. Safety Barricades of America, Inc. developed a security tower to allow access to your working environment and confining the jobsite for maintenance personnel. We have increased mobility to the worksite, which is already congested with production equipment.

LAMCAR® Security Towers are designed to be installed easily by your personnel for a secure safety barricade system. Our patented design system is so diversified you will be able to follow any shape, design or structure you need within your working environment, by using our safety chains or safety boards to protect your worksite. Our system will free up valuable space within your plant to allow production activities to carry on and provide the safety, which is needed and required.

Welcome to our website and review the many ways we can help you protect your personnel and meet the many jobsite safety requirements we’re faced with in today’s world.

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U.S. Patent: 6,517,280 B2

Made In USA